Donna Summer Goes After Kanye for Copyright Infringement

( – Rapper and fashion designer Kanye West (who now goes by the name Ye) could be facing another copyright infringement lawsuit from the estate of the late Donna Summer, who is accusing him of using one of her songs after denying West permission.

The song in question is Summer’s 1977 hit “I Feel Love.” West featured a sample from the song on his new record Vultures 1 on the track “Good (Don’t Die).” The album was released on Saturday, Feb. 10, immediately topping the charts.

Summer died 12 years ago, in 2012, but those who run her estate took issue with West’s use of the song without authorization and slammed the rapper for including it on his new album. The estate posted a statement on Instagram claiming that West had asked permission to use the song but “was denied.” The estate then said that West merely “changed the words,” brought on another singer to sing the song, “or used AI,” but were adamant that it’s still the same song and called out the rapper for copyright infringement.

The accusation comes days after rock legend Ozzy Osbourne also slammed West with the same accusation. Osbourne wrote in a statement on Friday, Feb. 9, that West also asked him to use the sample but was denied because he’s “an anti-Semite.” West asked to use a sample from a live performance by Black Sabbath in 1983 of the song “Iron Man” but without Osbourne’s vocals. The rock singer said West “used the sample anyway” and clarified that he wants “no association” with West.

Vultures 1 was supposed to be released sooner, but it was delayed at the end of last year after rapper Nicki Minaj denied West permission to use a verse Minaj recorded on the album after she changed her mind about the feature.

West sparked widespread criticism in 2022 after various antisemitic remarks, which he has since apologized for. Despite the apology, the rapper has continued to display unusual behavior, donning strange costumes and parading his wife almost fully nude on his Instagram page.

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