Ex-Hamas Minister Claims Palestinians Do Not Support Madmen

(TotalConservative.com) – In recently released interrogation footage, a former Hamas minister said that “madmen” in Gaza are to blame for the escalation of war between Israel and Hamas, including the group’s notorious leader Yahya Sinwar. The official also said the average Palestinian does not support the radical militant group in charge of their territory.

The remarks came from Yousef al-Mansi, who served as a communications minister for Hamas until he surrendered to Israel after the Oct. 7 terror attack on the Jewish state that killed over 1,200 people. He then proceeded to criticize Sinwar as the group’s leader, accusing him of orchestrating the attack and throwing the region into a state of chaos.

Al-Mansi told the Shin Bet interrogators in a video published on December 10 that Sinwar is “a madman” who “threw a big stone.” He called the entire organization “a group of madmen” led by Sinwar and accused the Hamas leader of suffering from “delusions of grandeur.”

Al-Mansi also said that everyday civilians in Gaza do not support Hamas following two months of conflict that’s only further devastated Palestinians. An estimated 17,000 have been killed so far in Israel’s counteroffensive siege on the territories to weed out Hamas militants.

According to al-Mansi claims most people in Gaza “say that Sinwar” and Hamas “destroyed us” rather than blaming Israel. He says that he hasn’t “seen anyone” in Gaza supporting Sinwar, who al-Mansi said “nobody likes.”

Similar to other interrogation videos released, the ex-minister said he knew the coordinated attack on Israel in October went against Islamic values by targeting women, children, and elders. Al-Mansi “according to logic, religion, [and] intellect,” the Hamas attack “is unacceptable.”

A wave of Hamas militant surrenders took place in Gaza this month. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on more of the group’s members to throw down their arms. Netanyahu sent a message to the remaining fighters, telling them that the war was “over,” not to “die for Sinwar,” and to surrender instead.

Sinwar was almost captured at his home recently, but he managed to escape and remains in hiding.

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