Gal Gadot to Help Stream IDF Footage to Raise Awareness

( – A propaganda film collected and edited by the Israeli military showcasing some of the worst atrocities of Hamas fighters during the October 7th surprise attack will be shown to select audiences in New York and Los Angeles to reveal the extent of the atrocities committed that day.

The approximately 47 minutes of footage will be shown to counter claims that the atrocities were fake.

Israeli-American film director Guy Nattiv and actress Gal Gadot are promoting the documentary produced by the Israeli military. The Jerusalem Post is reporting that 120 viewers from the film industry will attend.

Nattiv said as a filmmaker, he has a responsibility to the world to show what happened on October 7th. He further said that allegations that the attacks were fake can only be dispelled by truth.

The screening will not be open to the public, but additional screenings may be held at a later date if there’s demand. So far, only Israeli politicians, military personnel, and members of the media have seen the film.

Politics Editor for Express David Maddox said that the video featured hundreds of killings, torturing of victims, and celebrations over dead bodies with the footage mostly taken from body cameras worn by Hamas fighters but also some was pulled from social media, home security, and dash cams. He highlighted the fact that Hamas was proud of its slaughter whereas Nazis attempted to hide their genocidal mania.

He said it featured some of the worst scenes imaginably including the murder and torture of children. He said it’s different from other films because the carnage is real. He indicated that the fighters in the footage seemed “high on drugs” due to the euphoria they seemed to experience on camera.

Gadot has previously served in the Israeli military and published her support for Israel on Instagram saying she stood with Israel and encouraging her followers to do the same. She said that the world can’t afford to sit on the sidelines while horrific acts of terror are ongoing.

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