Goldie Hawn Claims She’s Been in Contact with Aliens

( – Actress Goldie Hawn made a controversial admission this week: she’s made contact with aliens, and they “touched” her on the face.

Hawn, 77, made an appearance on the podcast “Time to Walk” on Apple Fitness+ and recalled the bizarre incidents during her interview. Hawn said she remembers that she used to daydream about being visited by extraterrestrials when she was younger, at a time when “there was a lot of UFO sightings.”

According to Hawn, she remembers looking up at the sky at night and addressing whatever might be watching, stating that she “would like to meet” them one day. A few months later, Hawn said she was dancing at a rehearsal in West Covina, California, “close to the desert,” when she asked a friend to take a nap inside his car after she became tired. When she laid down in the car to sleep, Hawn claims a strange, “high-pitched” noise could be heard.

Hawn says she then looked out of the window and spotted “two or three” heads shaped like triangles, which were the color of silver. She said their mouths were “a slash,” and they had a “tiny little nose” and “no ears.” The beings then pointed to Hawn inside the vehicle “as if they were discussing” her specifically while they stood “droning.” She then realized she was paralyzed, and that she could not tell if the experience “was real or not real.” After she “burst out” of the paralyzed state like “out of a forcefield,” Hawn said she went and told her friends she “made contact with outer space.”

The actress said she wondered at first if the incident was simply a dream until books began to emerge written by others who claimed to have had similar UFO experiences to what she went through. After that, Hawn says she began to look “at this as something that might be real.”

Years later, the actress met an astrophysicist at the University of Illinois who helped her recall more details of her experience, after which she claims to remember the beings touching her face, which “felt like the finger of God.”

UFOs and aliens have become popular in the headlines again after a recent government whistleblower came forward claiming the government has secret programs nested in other programs that are tasked with recovering and reverse engineering exotic craft.

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