GOP Urges House Republicans to Discharge Johnson

( – Republicans desperate to continue to fund the Ukrainian war effort are floating a proposal to remove Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) from his role after he said the current $95 billion international aid bill wasn’t likely to come up for a vote in the House in its current form.

The whopper funding bill was passed from a previous attempt at border security which was rejected by most Republicans as ineffectual or even legalizing the current crisis levels of illegal border crossings. Betraying their priorities, the Senate immediately moved to pass the international funding provisions separately; many Republicans in Congress want to fund international war efforts in Ukraine and Israel.

Speaking with Newsweek, activist Gunner Ramer with Republicans For Ukraine argued that it was “critical” for the U.S. to support Ukraine against dictators like Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Republicans who align with that perspective can sign a discharge petition to attempt to circumvent Johnson’s control of the House. The move will only be successful if the initiative can garner several signatures of Republicans in the House to support it.

The petition needs at least four signatures, but is seeking 10 total to provide “safety in numbers,” said Ramer.

The campaign collected dozens of short one-minute statements from “lifelong Republicans” who want to continue to fund the war effort.

Judy from Texas said she was fine sending “as much as they need” to Ukraine, echoing sentiments from lawmakers in the Democratic party who have refused to cap the amount sent overseas.

Rudolph from South Carolina suggested Republicans “remember your roots,” and suggested that Ronald Reagan’s legacy was on the line.

The AP reported that most of the $60 billion in support for Ukraine will directly benefit American military manufacturers.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has been the poster boy for Ukrainian war spending among Republicans. He was revealed to be the primary architect of the now-defunct border deal and has faced repeated criticism from hardline Congressional conservatives for being all too eager to spend taxpayer funds on international conflicts with no goals in sight or limits on spending.

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