Holocaust Survivor Slams Schools for Controversial Protest Decision

(TotalConservative.com) – A Holocaust survivor who works as a public speaker traveling to schools around England to give educational talks to students is slamming some of those schools for permitting pupils to skip their lessons in order to attend pro-Palestinian protests.

In the wake of a pro-Palestinian rally in Dorchester, Dorset, on November 29, dozens of students at Thomas Hardye School walked out of class to join the protest. Other students from a local primary school also joined them, and the group conducted a march to the center of town while waving Palestinian flags and signs calling for a ceasefire from Israel. Many protesters delivered speeches at the event.

According to some students, they were given permission by their teachers to skip their academic lessons in order to attend the rally.

Similar marches have been popping up all over England, the US, and other nations following the Oct. 7 attack on Israel by the radical Palestinian militant group Hamas. After the attack, which killed an estimated 1,200, Israel launched a siege of the Palestinian territories that resulted in over 13,000 additional deaths and sparked widespread protests calling for a ceasefire from the Jewish state.

Henry Schachter is not happy with how schools have been handling the situation. Schacter is the son of two Holocaust victims. Both of his parents died at the hands of the Nazis during World War II. The 83-year-old from Bournemouth said that what the schools are doing “is disgusting.” He said that if students want to protest “on Saturdays or Sundays that is fine,” but allowing them to “take time out of lessons in order to attend a rally like that is disgraceful.”

Schachter said that the public school authorities, “just like the universities,” are encouraging protests “in the mistaken belief” that they are supporting “human rights.” He said this was “nonsense” and criticized Hamas for violating such human rights.

According to Schachter, “most of the protesters are useful idiots who have been brainwashed.” He says he plans on writing “to the secretary of state for education” and the school to express his dissatisfaction.

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