IDF Locates Another Hamas Tunnel Near School

( – A previously unknown tunnel used by the radical Palestinian group Hamas was just discovered by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) near a school in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

The existence of the tunnel, which was discovered in Beit Lahia near a school, was confirmed after video footage was released showing an IDF member discussing the tunnel outside the Jabal Al Mukabbir Secondary Boys School in Gaza. The soldier can be heard in the footage clarifying that “a fighting tunnel of Hamas” that is “15 meters deep” is located “right outside” the school. The camera then pans to show a large hole in the ground and then upward to show the sign identifying the school building.

The IDF soldier, who identifies himself as a member of the 699th Battalion, says in the footage that the school “was donated about 10 years ago by a German organization” while noting “the cynical use of schools by Hamas” as shields. He also confirmed that IDF ground forces are currently operating in all areas of the Gaza Strip in its “search for Hamas.” It was also confirmed that “evacuations in Southern Gaza” have been ordered, but that Palestinians say “they’re running out of places to go.”

The school in the video matches satellite imagery and online photos of the school, which is confirmed to be located in Beit Lahia. Whether or not the hole is actually a Hamas tunnel has yet to be confirmed.

Conflict between Hamas and the IDF escalated this year after the Oct. 7 attack on Israel by Hamas that left around 1,200 dead and roughly 200 more taken hostage by Hamas. An estimated 13,000 more have died in Palestinian territories since Israel launched its counteroffensive.

The two sides ended a brief truce last Friday and combat resumed immediately. According to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Hamas violated the truce agreement by refusing to release all women hostages held in Gaza.

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