Massachusetts Passes Maddening Gun Control Legislation

( – As violence escalates in the Middle East, the debate about violence within the United States continues as well, as Democratic politicians keep pushing for stricter gun control legislation while Republicans seek to roll back such restrictions. The latest move by the Democrats happened in Massachusetts last week, where a new sweeping firearms bill was just approved.

On October 18, the Democrat-dominated House of Representatives in Massachusetts passed new legislation to prohibit carrying firearms in public places, such as election polls, government buildings, and schools. H 4135, which passed by 120-38, also tightens the ban on assault rifles, and imposes new restrictions on so-called “ghost guns.”

Opponents of the bill claim it won’t do anything to mitigate crime and will only target legal firearms owners, inhibiting their ability to protect themselves from criminals. On top of making it more difficult for the average person to defend themselves, Democratic politicians have also contributed to the crime waves across the country by implementing policies that are soft on criminals, such as zero bail.

The executive director of the gun rights organization Gun Owners’ Action League, Jim Wallace, told reporters that the bill only goes against “lawful people” while nothing in the legislation “goes after the criminals.” Wallace described the new law as “a tantrum” sparked by an overreaction to a Supreme Court decision in New York last year expanding individual rights to carry a firearm in public for self-defense.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) also slammed the new Massachusetts legislation, calling the imposed gun control “unprecedented.” The claim that the restrictions violate the Second Amendment. Some of those violations include expanding “red flag” laws, which eliminates due process, as well as mandating stricter “safe storage” rules for inside and outside the home. The law will also expand programs for the gun registry.

The legislation now makes its way to the state senate, where it has a high chance of passing because the Massachusetts Senate is also controlled by the Democratic Party. There are only three Republicans in the Senate and 36 Democrats.

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