MyPillow Officially Evicted from Warehouse

( – A St. Paul, Minnesota court has formally ordered the eviction of MyPillow from a Minneapolis warehouse it had previously used. The facility was no longer being used to store MyPillow products, and the media has been apt to claim owner Mike Lindell is having financial difficulties over the drama.

Lindell famously suggested the 2020 election was rigged against President Trump. In comments given to the Associated Press, Lindell denied he was having financial problems suggesting the company has actually improved profitability and cash flow in recent months. He acknowledged that last year was much more difficult financially for the company.

Earlier this year MyPillow lost Fox News as an advertiser amidst allegations he wasn’t paying his bills. Lindell denied the claims and said he was being “canceled” for his political opinions. While he acknowledged that he owed money at the time, he suggested that it was well-within his normal credit line with Fox.

Lindell is also facing a $5 million judgment against him over claims Lindell misrepresented data, claiming it proved China interfered in the 2020 election.

Lindell acknowledged that MyPillow owes roughly $200,000 in rent to First Industrial LP for renting the space in the warehouse. He explained that they stopped using the warehouse last June, and subleased the space from the rest of last year. He said that they had another client lined up for January who pulled out at the last minute, leaving them stranded. Lindell said they offered to find another tenant but First Industrial preferred to take back their space. MyPillow did not contest the eviction.

Attorney Sara Filo for First Industrial said that they wanted to do everything “by the book,” which is why they secured an eviction before proceeding. Judge Caroline Lennon signed the eviction order on March 20.

Lindell will still face additional lawsuits over his claims that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump.

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