Oregon Officially Recriminalizes Hard Drugs

(TotalConservative.com) – After its controversial law legalizing hard drugs proved to be a catastrophic failure, Oregon is now reversing the legislation.

Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek signed a bill on Monday, April 1, that re-criminalized hard drugs in the state. The law change comes in the wake of record deaths in the state from overdoses since the previous legislation came into play. The changes will take effect in September.

The state is in a dire situation dealing with homelessness, mental illness, and addiction, especially in its largest city, Portland. The liberal policy, Measure 110, was passed in 2020, and it only made the situation worse by decriminalizing the possession of hard drugs as long as it’s below a certain amount. The law also redirected a large portion of tax revenue generated from marijuana sales toward addiction treatment services.

At the time, 58% of voters approved Measure 110, but the policy was a complete failure, increasing overdose deaths, particularly from fentanyl, which is sweeping across the country after coming over the southern border. Portland has been hit particularly hard by the drug. By August of last year, polls showed that 56% now disapproved of the measure, prompting both Democrats and Republicans to introduce legislation rolling it back.

HB 4002 will effectively reverse Measure 110, making possession of even a small amount of hard drugs for personal use a misdemeanor that could result in up to six months imprisonment. The new law allows law enforcement to confiscate narcotics and crack down on individuals using these substances in public places, such as parks and sidewalks.

The new law will also establish treatment programs as an alternative to jail time and encourage deflection programs to help criminals deal with mental health issues and addiction instead of strict enforcement of criminal penalties.

The change is expected to reduce crime across the board in Oregon, which has steadily risen in all areas, not just in drug use and drug dealing. Portland in particular has been dealing with more violent crime, shoplifting, and general sanitation issues across the city as more people pile up in tent cities.

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