Perry Wants GOP to Cancel State of the Union

( – Republican Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania says that House Republicans should not invite President Joe Biden to deliver his next State of the Union address in order to put pressure on him about the federal government’s failure to secure the border.

Perry made an appearance on Fox Business on Monday, Feb. 27, and told “Mornings With Maria” host Maria Bartiromo that the GOP “needs to use every single point of leverage” against the president to do something more about the open border policies of his administration.

Perry reminded Bartiromo that the president delivers the State of the Union “at the invitation of Congress” and that House Republicans still hold the majority. The Pennsylvania congressman “there’s no reason” to invite Biden because it would give him another opportunity to deliver propaganda. Perry, who was once head of the House Freedom Caucus, believes that Biden will use the address as an opportunity to “blame the American people” for the border crisis that “he’s caused.”

On Feb. 7, Senate Republicans blocked a heavily debated bipartisan package that included border security funding and reforms alongside foreign aid packages to aid in the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel, as well as toward protecting Taiwan. Aside from former President Donald Trump recommending the GOP vote against it, House Speaker Mike Johnson warned that his party was dissatisfied with the bill and that it would be “dead on arrival” on the House floor if it passed the Senate.

Perry isn’t the only member of Congress suggesting Biden not deliver his speech. Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa said Biden should forgo his speech until he delivers a budget plan and a National Security Strategy. She blasted the president for being “late once again” with his budget plan.

Ernst said if Congress is going to give him an opportunity to address them and the nation, Biden should “have a plan in place.” She added that as Americans contend with “skyrocketing inflation and the world… on fire,” they deserve more than “empty rhetoric” from the president.

Biden is scheduled to visit the border on Thursday, Feb. 29, and is set to deliver his next State of the Union on Thursday, March 7.

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