Pro Life Groups Falter Over Trump’s Abortion Stance

( – Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump announced his official position on national abortion bans by releasing a short video on Truth Social wherein he discussed his sentiments on the topic. Trump said that he basically supports the rights of states and voters to decide for themselves whether or not and how terminating pregnancies should be regulated.

Trump is proud of appointing the judges who helped overturn the dramatic precedent which conjured the “right” of women to elect to kill their unborn children from loose interpretations of the Fourteenth Amendment which guarantees a right to privacy.

Trump said that abortion exists in all the places people want it, with some states even enshrining it as a right in their state constitutions. Trump said that whatever the people decide will be the law of the land. He encouraged folks to vote and do what they believe is right.

Trump highlighted that while abortion was a moral choice, it was important to “win elections to restore the culture.” Polling indicates that national abortion bans are generally frowned upon by voters, and Democrats are using the issue as a key wedge to recruit voters and encourage their base to get to the polls.

Trump also acknowledged he supports exceptions in abortion bans for incest, rape, and threats to the life of the mother. Trump had previously floated a 15-week national ban on the practice which would bring the U.S. in line with many European countries.

Indicating that the position is a good compromise, no one is happy. Pro-life groups including the Susan B. Antony Pro-Life America issued a statement from its president Marjorie Dannenfelser expressing their deep disappointment in his decision to avoid pursuit of a national ban.

March For Life said that pro-abortion lawmakers will continue to advocate for national legislation that will enable women to terminate their unborn and must be opposed.

President of the Family Research Council Tony Perkins expressed his thanks for Trump’s work thus far, and highlighted how real change on abortion has to occur at the local level. He said that people change the laws, not presidents.

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