RFK Jr. Super Pac Raises Millions after VP Announcement

(TotalConservative.com) – A super PAC supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his independent presidential campaign claims they raised $2.1 million in donations immediately after Kennedy announced Nicole Shanahan as his running mate.

The super PAC known as American Values 2024 held a fundraiser cocktail party on Tuesday night, March 26, after Kennedy announced tech entrepreneur and lawyer Shanahan as his running mate earlier that evening. Around 60 donors reportedly attended the event.

Tony Lyons, the co-founder of American Values 2024, told reporters that the donors “were clearly energized” by Kennedy’s vice presidential pick and said the fundraiser pulled in $2,120,000. Lyons said the donations prove that the attendees believe that Kennedy’s “path to the presidency” is now becoming “increasingly clear.”

The super PAC co-founder said that many of those donors had previously stated that although they liked Kennedy and “trusted him,” they did not feel he could win. Lyons claimed that at least 70% of Americans are looking for another option besides President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump, and that “more voters are beginning to understand” what Kennedy would do if he became president. Lyons said those listening to Kennedy’s “ideas and policies” are liking “what they hear.”

According to Lyons, the donations pulled in on Tuesday after Kennedy’s running mate announcement was actually only the second-largest amount raised by one of the organization’s events. The most donations pulled in by the super PAC came in January during Kennedy’s 70th birthday party in West Hollywood, which raised around $5.8 million.

Due to its super PAC status, American Values 2024 will not be able to directly coordinate with Kennedy’s campaign but has vowed to carry out its own efforts, and to support the efforts of the campaign, to get Kennedy’s name on all 50 states’ ballots for the general election in November. Those efforts include around $10 million towards ad campaigns.

Some believe Kennedy could shake things up in a similar manner as Ross Perot did in 1992 when Perot’s independent campaign earned 10.9% of the general election popular vote. Perot’s campaign may have cost George H.W. Bush another term, and some believe it could pose a similar threat to Biden’s chances at a second term.

Kennedy himself, during his relaunch rally last year in Philadelphia, said he intended to disrupt both Biden and Trump’s effort.

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