Rubio Goes After Dems for Ignoring Border Crisis

( – Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida is accusing the Democrats of prioritizing sending more money to fund the war in Ukraine against Russia over securing the southern border and repelling the “invasion” of illegal immigrants into the US.

Rubio appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” and discussed the congressional bills to aid Ukraine and Israel in their war efforts with host Jake Tapper. Rubio told Tapper that he isn’t opposed to giving those nations “the help that they need,” especially Israel. He said if funding for Israel came up for a vote “right now,” he believes “it would pass” with only a few voting against it.

Rubio said that funding for Israel is “being held hostage” by Democratic lawmakers in order to get what they want for Ukraine. The senator said he’s had to explain to his constituents, Florida residents, and the American people that as a US senator, his “number one obligation is America.” He said the US cannot help its allies if it’s “not strong.”

According to the Sunshine State senator, he will also have to explain why the Senate worked “all through Super Bowl weekend” to figure out the aid package, but that the same energy and prioritization isn’t going toward something “critical to this country,” referring to the situation at the border. Rubio called the influx of illegal immigration an “invasion,” which is also what Texas Gov. Greg Abbott described it as, and former President Donald Trump.

Rubio noted numbers released by House committee documents that show at least 3.3 million illegal border crossers have been released into the US and that more than 600,000 have either “criminal convictions or pending criminal charges.” He also said he believes those numbers “are low.”

The senator said the border situation “is a huge problem” that must be addressed, and reiterated that the previous package that lumped the issue together with foreign aid “wasn’t a border security bill.” Rubio noted that he wasn’t part of negotiating that bill nor did he ask for it and said he asked President Joe Biden to instead “reverse the executive orders that created this crisis” after the president took office.

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