Traffic Reporter Shames Viewer On Air (and Rightfully So!)

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( – A Canadian traffic reporter went viral after tongue-lashing a troll who emailed complaints about her body size on the air.

Leslie Horton, 59, is a reporter for Global News, based out of Calgary, Alberta. In the clip, which has been viewed 4.1 million times on X (Twitter), Horton sarcastically thanked the emailer for his comments suggesting she was pregnant and wearing “bus driver pants.”

She then said she wasn’t pregnant and lost her uterus to cancer the previous year. She also remarked that women her age look like her and that if someone finds it offensive “that is unfortunate,” and to “think about the emails that you send.”

Many commenters were supportive and encouraging suggesting she was spot on with her remarks. After the remarks went viral online, Horton appeared on “Good Morning America” on December 6th to discuss them.

Horton explained that she normally ignores negative remarks but that the personal nature of the comment after her bout with cancer was too personal for her to ignore. She also pointed out that this particular individual has sent “a constant stream” of disparaging emails over four years. She said that the email came in while she was on air and her reaction was natural and honest.

She further highlighted the intent behind the message was malicious, attempting to shame her for her natural appearance. She also pointed out that her battle with cancer required that she take months off of work and had to rebuild her life afterward.

Horton said she acquired a newfound appreciation for her colleagues and friends and felt supported by the community. She said the experience left her appreciating an ability to set boundaries, including what behavior she was willing to tolerate from others, which led to her on-air response to the email pointing out it was inappropriate.

She added that she hadn’t expected to go viral, she had a natural reaction at the moment, expressed herself, and continued with her work day as normal.

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