US Condemns Rioters Who Stormed Russian Airport

( – In an incident captured on video that went viral on Sunday, a group of pro-Palestinian rioters flooded an airport in Russia, chanted antisemitic slogans, and were reportedly looking for passengers from a Tel Aviv flight rumored to have landed. The White House condemned the incident.

The incident happened in the Republic of Dagestan at an airport in Makhachkala. When rioters rushed onto the runway on Sunday, the airport was closed and all flights diverted, according to reports from Rusaviatsia, the Russian aviation authority.

A White House spokesperson for the National Security Council wrote on a Twitter post that the US “vigorously condemns” the “antisemitic protests” at the Russian airport on Sunday. The spokesperson, Adrienne Watson, added that America “unequivocally stands with the entire Jewish community” and stands against antisemitism.

Watson received some criticism for her post because she described what was essentially a riot as a “protest.” Some users quipped that “pogrom” would’ve been a more accurate term.

A few Israelis at the airport were reportedly isolated by airport staff as the rioters stormed the facility chanting “Allahu Akbar” and other slogans. The Israeli Foreign Ministry released a statement condemning the “attempts to harm Israeli citizens” and calling on Russian law enforcement to “safeguard” Jews and Israeli citizens while taking “robust action” against those inciting riots.

Tensions have been on the rise internationally after the attack on Israel by Hamas on October 7, which the Israeli government reports killed at least 1,400. Since the attack, Israel has launched a “complete siege” on the Gaza Strip, which turned into a ground invasion last Friday. An estimated 8,000 Palestinians have since perished, and the Jewish state faces pressure to initiate a ceasefire. Meanwhile, Hamas continues to hold multiple hostages for leverage.

Dagestan is composed of mostly Muslims. Jewish people are a minority in Russia, with less than 100,000 throughout the whole country.

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