1 Dead, Multiple Injuries in Emergency Room Crash

(TotalConservative.com) – A car slammed into an emergency room entrance at St. David’s North Austin Medical Center in Texas the evening of February 13th.

Police with the Austin Police Department said that multiple agencies, including the Austin Fire Department and emergency medical responded to a report of a crash that occurred around 5:38 p.m. CST.

Early reports said as many as 11 people were injured in the accident, but that number was lowered to just five people in later reports. Emergency personnel attempted to save the life of the driver by extracting him from the vehicle and performing CPR, but weren’t successful. He’s the only fatality in the incident.

CNN reported that the four other victims were transported to other area hospitals, including a child in critical condition. Stephen Hughes was in the building as his wife was undergoing surgery when the crash happened. He reported that he thought it was “an explosion” before realizing it was a car crash.

Police believe the incident was an accident and not an intentional act and further clarified that there were no additional threats to the public.

Video taken after the crash shows the car’s tires still spinning, spewing smoke and squeals throughout the lobby.

Eight patients were relocated to other hospitals due to the emotional impact of the incident triggering severe anxiety.

Police said their preliminary investigation doesn’t reveal criminal intent at this time, but that they were continuing to investigate.

Pictures emerged on social media following the announcement of the crash. The unusual amount of attention for a car accident suggests people thought there may be more to the story. Many comments highlighted the destruction and damage caused to the facility.

In comments online people highlighted how cars are incredibly dangerous weapons when driven irresponsibly. While most of the damage is superficial, the hospital has been redirecting emergency cases to other facilities for the time being. Regularly scheduled appointments are still ongoing.

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