1 Killed, Several Injured in Post-Super Bowl Parade Shooting

(TotalConservative.com) – One person died and 22 were injured, including eight children, after a shooting broke out in Missouri during a parade celebrating the Super Bowl victory of the Kansas City Chiefs, sending terrified fans scattering for cover.

The Kansas City Chiefs’ victory parade was the latest high-profile event to be marred by tragedy, leaving one person dead and multiple people injured by gunfire. Stacey Graves, Chief of the Kansas City Police Department (KCPD) held a press conference and confirmed that three suspects were arrested in connection to the shooting. Graves said that there were reports of fans helping to apprehend one of the suspects, but could not confirm those reports.

Graves said she was “angry” about the shooting. She said that people who came out to celebrate “should expect a safe environment.” No details about the three suspects taken into custody have been released yet, nor did Graves provide any information about the possible motive behind the shootings.

Social media users shared shocking footage from the incident which showed law enforcement running through a hectic throng as parade attendees ran away or scrambled all over for cover after shots were fired.

In one video, as people screamed in the background, someone was captured performing chest compressions on one of the victims while another writhed in pain from gunshot wounds on the ground nearby. Another video circulating online from the scene showed onlookers chasing and then tackling someone to the ground and holding the suspect down as two officers arrived to detain them.

The Mayor of Kansas City, Quinton Lucas, said he was heartbroken by the events and described the shooting as “absolutely a tragedy.”

Gun violence is nothing new for Kansas City, which saw a spike in crime since the 2020 lockdowns, along with most major cities in the US. Most of the 182 homicides recorded in the city in 2023 involved firearms.

The parade shooting is the latest sports celebration to feature a shooting. Last year, several people were injured in a shooting in Denver, Colorado, after the Nuggets won an NBA championship.

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