6yo Boy Boasts About Shooting His Teacher

(TotalConservative.com) – A young boy who shot his teacher in January later bragged about the incident to another school employee shortly after it happened, the investigation has revealed. Unsealed search warrants reveal the 6-year-old said “I shot that b**** dead.

Abigail Zwerner was shot in the incident which occurred in Newport News, Virginia. Records abstained by a local CNN affiliate showed that the boy told officials that he was responsible for the shooting and that he had taken the gun from his mother the night before.

They also showed that Zwerner had asked the boy what he was doing with the weapon when he drew it and pointed it at her. He shot her in response, striking her in the hand and chest. Zwerner survived thankfully. After being shot, she fled to the office.

The family’s lawyer told CNN that the boy has “extreme emotional issues” and is in therapy making daily improvements. The boy has previously been described as having an “acute disability.”

In another incident, the same child was responsible for choking another teacher. The boy had walked around behind the teacher while she was seated and proceeded to choke her from behind. A teacher’s assistant was able to extricate the boy from the strangling and remove him from the room.

Police are working to gather all relevant information in this case, including previous violent behavior the student has engaged in. Police complained that records about these incidents were not made immediately available upon request to the school where the incidents occurred.

In a statement, the school assured they were working with police to resolve the matter. The boy’s mother, Deja Taylor, will face sentencing for one federal gun charge and one state charge of child neglect in relation to the shootings this October. A state gun charge was dropped as part of her plea deal.

The maximum penalty for the child neglect charge is six months and both sentencings will occur separately.

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