Biden Under Fire for New Pick for Ambassador to Israel

( – Senator Tom Cotton doesn’t like Biden’s latest selection for ambassador to Israel, Jack Lew. In a recent opinion piece for Fox News Digital, Cotton shreds Lew, a former Obama administration appointee to the Treasury. Lew’s support for the Iranian nuclear deal was enough to earn Cotton’s ire, the latter suggesting Lew would not defend the Jewish State adequately in his role as ambassador.

Cotton highlighted how the deal gave Iran $100 billion in sanction relief and was opposed by Israel at the time. Citing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanhyahu himself, Cotton pointed out that “our allies in Israel” opposed the deal, with some suggesting it represented an “existential threat” should Iran be able to develop nuclear weapons.

Cotton did not mention Israel’s nuclear weapons program, however. Likud hardliner Revital Gotliv was calling for the use of “doomsday” weapons just three days after the Hamas attack.

Netanyahu traveled to D.C. to advocate against the deal to a joint session of U.S. lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Lew condemned the Israeli PM, suggesting his speech before Congress was “a huge mistake.”

Cotton also highlighted how Lew refused to defend Israel when Obama let the UN Security Council pass a resolution condemning Israel for war crimes in Gaza.

He further called Lew “contemptible” and “a liar” when he spoke with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and told them that Iran would be denied access to American financial markets. Cotton said that just seven months after fibbing to Congress, his Treasury Department facilitated the conversion of billions in Iranian assets.

Cotton also pointed out that Lew’s Treasury and other officials from the State Department traveled around the world to over 200 events promoting economic relationships and business with Iran.

Cotton said the Senate shouldn’t confirm him due to his pattern of deception, and willingness to aid Israeli’s greatest enemy, Iran. Cotton asked for Biden to withdraw Lew from consideration and offer instead someone who’s an “honest champion” for Israel.

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