California Residents Take Action on Border Security

( – It seems some Californians are taking a page from Texas by taking border security into their own hands amid the ongoing immigration crisis. Specifically, California veterans, who are helping to repair fencing and walls along the Golden State’s border sectors.

A group called Border Vets organized the venture and has been sharing videos and pictures on social media depicting its members working to install razor wire to secure gaps in California’s border wall. The effort is the latest example of Americans taking matters into their own hands in their respective states to secure the border as the federal government fails to mitigate the crisis.

A recent poll from Monmouth University found that 84% of Americans believe the issue to be “serious” or “very serious.” As the 2024 presidential election draws nearer, the border and immigration crisis may just be the deciding issue for voters when they head to the polls in November. And just like he did in 2016, former President Donald Trump is putting the issue at the forefront of his re-election campaign, while President Joe Biden is gradually losing support as more Americans lose patience with his handling of the situation.

Border Vets have mostly focused on a mountainous area that’s become an active crossing point for illegal aliens over the last few months, located around Jacumba Hot Springs. One member, Kate Monroe, a retired Marine, told reporters that the crisis is “really serious for everybody” in the area and that Border Vets will do its best “to defend” the country by plugging the holes with razor wire.

Monroe added that border states should not wait for others to do it for them because “they’re not coming” and that it has to be people like them who get the job done.

This sentiment mirrors Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s position, who has been battling with the federal government over control of the border’s management. It’s also become a growing sentiment among voters, and not just in border states, as millions of immigrants have poured into the nation throughout Biden’s first term, putting a strain on many other states receiving the illegals with no more room or resources to care of them.

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