Carlson Calls the George Floyd Story a Lie

( – It’s been over three years since George Floyd died during a confrontation with police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and two years since former officer Derek Chauvin was held responsible and convicted of Floyd’s murder. One person who has consistently questioned the official narrative is perhaps the most famous journalist in the US today: Tucker Carlson.

Police responded to a complaint on May 25, 2020, from a store owner alleging that Floyd used a counterfeit bill. Floyd, who resisted arrest when confronted, died during the altercation. A video of Chauvin holding Floyd on the ground with his knee on the back of Floyd’s neck went viral, sparking protests across the US and internationally, stoking racial tensions, and initiating a general environment of distrust with law enforcement.

In a recent episode of his new show on Twitter (which Carlson started after he was fired by Fox News Network back in April), the renegade journalist said that the political left and mainstream media seem to consider Floyd “a civil rights leader” and a martyr. Carlson also pointed out that the aftermath of Floyd’s death and the narrative that it was racially motivated gave permission to “a small group of people… to make massive changes” in the country at large which cannot be questioned by the average American.

Carlson said some of these changes include “decriminalizing stealing,” the creation of “Juneteenth” as a new federal holiday, discrimination against white men in corporate world hiring practices, and a movement that revolves around trying to defund police departments.

Carlson spoke about a recent report from a local conservative news outlet which described how prosecutors in Hennepin County opposed how the case was being handled, claiming that they were subjected to “extreme pressure” to hand down particular indictments. Carlson said the “whole story” surrounding George Floyd’s death “was a lie.”

Questions have also been raised about Floyd’s autopsy report, which showed no signs “of asphyxia or strangulation,” contrary to the narrative that Chauvin blocked Floyd’s breathing passage. Fentanyl and methamphetamine were also found in his system, which a retired medical examiner from Hennepin County who testified at the Chavuin trial said would have been enough for him to consider Floyd’s cause of death “to be an overdose.”

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