Chicago Cop Sues City Over Race, Gender Issues

( – A police officer with the city of Chicago is suing the city over a blanket prohibition regarding changing his race in the department’s official registrar. Mohammad Yusuf, 43, wants to reassign his race from “Caucasian” to “African American” due to his Egyptian lineage and an apparent unwritten policy of promoting black officers ahead of white ones in the department.

He said despite the CPD allowing officers to select their gender identities, they will not allow individuals to alter their racial designation. Yusuf also complained that there were only three racial categories when he was first hired by the force in 2004: black, white, or Latino. He said that now the department lists 9 different races for officers to select from.

Yusuf highlighted that he has repeatedly been passed over for promotion while less qualified officers who were black were promoted before him.

CPD refused to give comment to Fox News due to a standing policy to avoid commenting on lawsuits. Yusuf highlighted his 20 years on the force and said his experience has been watching minority candidates who did not score particularly well on promotional exams being promoted ahead of white candidates who did score well.

He said he’s been waiting for a promotion to sergeant since 2019; despite scoring high enough, he’s been passed over multiple times. He said he’s witnessed over 75 “Merit Promotions” to sergeant with fewer than 5 going to white candidates. The promotional system is supposed to be race-neutral.

Yusuf’s complaint claims that some of the promotions went to African American officers who had “disciplinary issues.”

He said he also produced a DNA test upon request after asking to change his race. He presented results from a 23andme genetic test; they still refused to allow Yusuf to identify as African American, calling the move “not possible” without further elaboration. The lawsuit additionally alleges improper discrimination in violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

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