Chicago Mayor Plans to Evict Migrants from Shelters

( – A plan to evict immigrants from Chicago’s homeless shelters that was previously delayed is now back in action as the city struggles to manage the influx of new arrivals from other the southern border.

The point of the policy, according to the administration of Mayor Brandon Johnson, is to “decompress” Chicago’s shelter population.

Johnson said the policy advances “a pathway to stability and self-sufficiency” by “encouraging resettlement,” making exceptions to extend someone’s stay only for specific cases. The policy places a 60-day limit on the immigrants who remain housed there. After that 60-day period is up, they will be forcibly evicted and must find alternative options for housing or apply for another shelter.

According to city data reports, over 37,00 immigrants have arrived in Chicago since 2022, and more than 11,000 of them are still staying in city and state-sponsored shelters.

City officials clarified that those who have to leave the shelters still have the option to apply for re-entry by returning to the Landing Zone and being reprocessed.

The mayor’s deputy chief of staff, Cristina Pacione-Zayas, clarified the shelters are among the “more expensive” ones to operate, and that the city is trying to “optimize” its resources in order to continue helping the new arrivals. According to reports, only about 10 have been successfully evicted so far, within two days of the policy’s return, while a few dozen exemptions were made for reasons related to child care, pregnancy, medical care, and public benefits enrollment.

The eviction policy was already postponed three times in the past due to staffing shortages, extremely frigid weather conditions, and also public outcry from local politicians and activists. The city maintains that over 2,000 people are set to be evicted from the shelters by the end of April.

The Progressive Reform Caucus of the Chicago City Council is already organizing against the policy, which they “strongly” disagreed with and believe will only exacerbate “social and racial tensions” rather than unite people.

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