Coca-Cola Quietly Makes Major Change – You Have to See This

( – Coca-Cola Company recently scrubbed all references to donations to Black Lives Matter (BLM) from its website in the aftermath of the Israeli-Hamas war. BLM groups and activists have largely endorsed, justified, and in some cases celebrated the October 7th attacks on Israeli personnel.

The beverage company had proudly proclaimed its financial support for the organization and its offshoots in years past. The apparent bridge too far was when they began to endorse the tactics of Hamas.

Brief investigations using the Wayback Machine showed that they had the donations listed on their website as recently as July. The donation was listed as part of “The Give Back” campaign which was intended to “serve and support creators” who had minority status.

Sprite (a Coke subsidiary) announced a donation of $500,000 to the Black Lives Matter Global Network. It’s unclear if Sprite or Coke executives were made aware of the comments calling for an end to the state of Israel BLM founder Patrisse Cullors said in 2015.

Comparing Palestine to apartheid South Africa, Cullors called for an “end” to the “imperialist project called Israel,” during a panel at Harvard Law School. The panel was hosted in 2015, and called “Globalizing Ferguson: Racialized Policing and International Resistance.”

Cullors had stated how she visited the West Bank and Gaza earlier that year during a trip she made with other activists. She claimed to have witnessed terrorism and violence enacted by Israeli authorities against Palestinian civilians during the trip.

Cullors and other BLM leaders had previously self-described as Marxists. She ended up resigning from BLM in 2021 due to financial scrutiny over how they spent their money. Much of the funds ended up in the hands of executives, their family members, and founders while local chapters complained they received meager handouts or nothing in some cases.

Cullors has since gotten into performance art with a recent appearance at the Broad Museum in Los Angeles.

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