Donald Trump Demands Apology from Joe Biden: Here’s Why

( – After President Joe Biden waived multiple federal laws in the Lone Star State this week to allow the continued construction of a southern border wall, former President Donald Trump demanded an apology.

Trump posted his response to the news on his social media platform, Truth Social, and accused the president of breaking “every environmental law” to prove he was right for building “560 miles” of wall along the border. He shared a link to an article detailing how, using executive powers, the Department of Homeland Security waived 26 laws related to public health, the environment, and cultural preservation to clear the way for border wall construction in South Texas.

The former president wrote that “there are only two things” throughout history “that have consistently worked,” which he said are “wheels and walls.”

Trump then asked if Biden would apologize to him “and America” for how long it’s taken “to get moving” on securing the border, and for “allowing” the country “to be flooded with 15 million” illegals from unknown places. The former president told the current president that he “will await his apology.”

Building a wall along the southern border was one of the main promises of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, something the mainstream media spun against him as “racist” and “bigoted” for wanting to do. Although he did not complete the wall, which he’s also been criticized for by some in the Republican Party, Trump did make progress on it.

In 2021, Biden described Trump’s multi-billion dollar project as “not a serious policy solution” and an irresponsible “use of Federal funds.” Now Biden is waiving environmental and cultural protection laws to continue the massive project in a highly active sector in South Texas.

Laiken Jordahl, a Center for Biological Diversity advocate and a conservative, said the move by the Biden administration “will stop wildlife migrations” and “destroy” a lot of “wildlife refuge land.” Jordahl called the effort “a horrific step backward” for the lands along the border.

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