Dylan Mulvaney Under Fire Again – This Time for a Song

(TotalConservative.com) – Transgender influencer and activist Dylan Mulvaney is back in the headlines, and this time it’s not because of beer branding, but his attempt to become a pop star, which is generating mostly negative feedback and backlash from women who take offense to the song’s themes.

On Wednesday, March 13, Mulvaney released a song and accompanying music video called “Days of Girlhood” on his new YouTube channel. Despite his high number of followers on TikTok (where Mulvaney gained his fame) the YouTube release of the music video seems to be a flop. Thirty thousand views in 14 hours and an overwhelming ratio of dislikes to likes. The transgender influencer also disabled comments on the video. As of this writing, the video currently has 178,000 views.

The song mixes styles like pop-punk with bubblegum pop as Mulvaney sings over it with an auto-tuned voice. In the video, he dances with women back-up dancers and the theme of the lyrics seems to revolve around all of the support Mulvaney has received from actual women. In one of the verses, he sings, “Girls do all, show me the way/They’re why I am a girl today.”

Despite that theme, many women clearly do not support Mulvaney, and railed against the song and video on social media, calling it a mockery of womanhood. The song lyrics also go through a list of stereotypes about what makes up womanhood, and it’s not just make-up.

According to journalist Libby Emmons, editor of The Post Millennial, the song claims that sleeping with lots of men, “pill-popping, and having mental breakdowns” is what makes someone “a girl.” Emmons writes in her article that Mulvaney “reduces ‘girlhood’ to a selection of learned behaviors,” which he’s singing about “being taught.” Those behaviors include “being vapid, slutty, and mentally deficient.”

Emmons says the song and video are another “shallow attempt” by the influencer to claim he’s a girl, reducing womanhood and femininity “to surface observations and appearances.”

Mulvaney received similar backlash from conservatives last year after Bud Light attempted an inclusive rebranding by featuring the influencer on its beer cans. The decision resulted in widespread boycotts and massive financial losses.

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