Fanni Willis Case Sees Shocking Last-Minute Testimony

( – As Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis battles to remain on the election interference case brought against former President Donald Trump in Georgia, a key witness will likely testify in the district attorney’s ongoing ethics hearing.

Prosecutors requested the judge allow an employee from a wine-tasting company to testify in Willis’ ethics hearing. The Acumen Wines employee, Stan Brody, corroborated part of Willis’ testimony and told CNN reporter Zackary Cohen in February that the winery in Napa Valley hosted Willis in early 2023 alongside a man Brody later realized was Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor Willis appointed to lead the Trump trial. According to Brody, the district attorney paid $400 in cash for the tasting, which included two expensive bottles of wine.

The defense team representing Trump and his co-defendants argue that Willis should be disqualified from overseeing the case against them in Georgia, which alleges that the defendants attempted to interfere with the 2020 presidential election results in The Peach State.

According to the prosecutors, the district attorney received financial benefits through her close relationship with Wade, of which the wine tasting was one example. The defense team filed a motion to Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee on Thursday, Feb. 29, to admit an affidavit from Brody into evidence for a hearing the following day, or to allow him to testify in person.

The accusations against Willis and Wade were brought against them by one of Trump’s co-defendants, Michael Roman, who accused the two of having an affair and benefiting financially from Willis hiring Wade as special prosecutor. The two have admitted to having a relationship but denied there was any conflict of interest. Roman, Trump, and their lawyers argue the two began their relationship before the election fraud case in Georgia began.

Summary arguments were presented on Friday, March 1. At the end of the hearing, which lasted three hours, McAfee concluded that he would take time to consider the evidence and is hoping to make a decision “over the next two weeks.” The deliberation could potentially interfere with the upcoming Georgia primary on March 12.

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