Feinstein’s Replacement Does Not Live in California

(TotalConservative.com) – After California Gov. Gavin Newsome picked Laphonza Butler as the Senate replacement for the recently deceased Rep. Dianne Feinstein, someone began scrubbing Butler’s social media account of all signs that she actually lives in Maryland rather than in the Golden State.

Screenshots captured of Butler’s Twitter page show that Maryland was still her listed location on Sunday just before the news of her appointment came out. Since then, the account has been updated and currently shows no location listed.

Butler is also president of EMILY’s List, a pro-abortion advocacy group. On the website for the organization, Butler’s bio has also been altered to remove reference to the fact that she lived in Maryland, which happened just hours after her Senate appointment was announced. A filing with the Federal Election Commission from the advocacy group showed Butler listed as living in Silver Spring, Maryland, as recently as the last day of August.

Butler’s appointment was announced by Newsom a few days after the death of Feinstein, who served in Congress for over thirty years (the longest of any woman in the Senate) and died last week at the age of 90. Butler is expected to serve the remainder of her term.

Newsom, who stated just a few weeks ago that he didn’t want to be put in a position of having to select a replacement, described his choice as a “fighter for working people,” an “advocate for women and girls, and “a trusted adviser” to Vice President Kamala Harris. Butler was sworn in on Tuesday afternoon by Harris.

Although never elected to serve in any office, Butler has a long history of involvement in California politics, including serving as the senior advisor for Harris during her presidential campaign in 2020. It remains unclear if her sudden change of residence will cause any problems after being sworn in.

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