James Carville in Trouble for Comments on Democratic Culture

(TotalConservative.com) – James Carville, the notable Democratic Party strategist, has been stirring up his fellow Party members with criticism this year, the latest of which includes blaming “too many preachy females” for President Joe Biden’s hemorrhaging support.

On Saturday, March 23, the New York Times published an interview with Carville in which he laid heavy criticism on his party and its leader. The 79-year-old political strategist said looking at the president’s approval ratings was “like walking in on” one’s grandma while she’s naked, clarifying that he means it’s an image that gets stuck in your mind afterward.

The most recent Gallup poll showed Biden’s current approval rating at 40% while 55% answered they disapproved of the job he’s doing. As for his projected performance in the general election, polls show former President Donald Trump ahead in multiple swing states, such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Arizona.

The interviewer implied that Carville is “obsessed” with the president’s loss of black male voters, which an elections analyst at CNN recently noted, indicating Biden’s lead among that demographic over Trump has been reduced “by a third” from where it was in 2020. The analyst, Harry Enten, said the decline in black voters is happening across the nation, especially in swing states. Enten said support among black voters for a Democratic presidential candidate reached a “historic low” and that it’s “happening across the board.”

One of the reasons for Biden’s declining lead that Carville provided during the interview was aimed at women. He said one of his suspicions is that there are “too many preachy females” who dominate the culture surrounding the party, promoting a message that “is too feminine.” Carville said that if one listens to the “Democratic elites,” particularly on NPR, the entire conversation revolves around how women, especially “women of color,” will decide the 2024 election. He then added that 48% of voters are male, and asked if they could also “have some consideration.”

The Democratic strategist broke the silence on the elephant in the room amongst his party and suggested it’s the “woke” culture of “feminine,” elitist attitudes that are bleeding voters. Carville said such alarmism, micromanagement, and self-righteous browbeating is growing old to the average American dealing with everyday problems.

His side did not take the criticism well. Among the backlash, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez replied by telling Carville, tongue-in-cheek, to “start a podcast about it.”

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