Judge Makes Shocking Ruling in Classified Documents Case

(TotalConservative.com) – Florida District Judge Aileen Cannon, a Trump-appointee, has made a startling ruling in Jack Smith’s case against the former president for allegedly taking “classified documents” upon exiting the White House.

Cannon ruled that Smith must either allow jurors to inspect the documents themselves to determine whether or not a violation occurred, or he must instruct them that the president alone has the authority to determine what are his personal records, which would effectively neutralize the charges against Trump.

How else are jurors supposed to determine whether Trump took personal records or highly classified national secrets? Government attorneys would prefer that they alone are able to define the content Trump took as “highly classified national secrets” without any scrutiny by independent jurors.

Cannon’s ruling means that jurors will either be tasked with making that determination for themselves or jurors being instructed that the president alone can decide. Special Counsel Jack Smith has made the questionable definition the basis for his legal proceedings against Trump.

Indeed infamous left-leaning outlet The Daily Beast cried foul in their coverage of the ruling, suggesting Cannon is biased in favor of Trump. Similar claims have been made by conservatives in other cases, like the New York prosecution of Trump over his real estate valuations and loans. In that case, Judge Arthur Engoron ruled that Trump had to fork over nearly half a billion dollars to appeal his ruling that Trump committed fraud. Engoron was appointed by President Obama and has a history of donating to Democratic politicians.

Smith will have to decide to agree to Cannon’s request, allowing jurors to see the files themselves, or giving jury instruction that would effectively ameliorate the charges entirely. He could also appeal Cannon’s decision to a higher court, as he has done previously, but the appeal’s process takes up precious weeks and months between now and the November general election. Trump’s enemies have been banking on a conviction beforehand; it now appears that even a trial in the case is unlikely before November.

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