Loudermilk Claims Committee Silent on J6 Security Issues

(TotalConservative.com) – Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) said that the January 6 Select Committee was “basically silent” when it came to highlighting internal “security failures” at the Capitol in comments given to Newsmax’s “Greg Kelly Reports” on Monday, March 17.

Loudermilk said that there wasn’t any content in the final report indicating any security failures at all, despite doors being unlocked for protesters and a severe shortage of manpower being obvious to any honest researcher who scrutinized the events of that day.

Former President Donald Trump also wanted to make National Guardsmen available, up to 10,000 were offered, but then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) declined the offer. The committee also obscured the reality of Trump’s offer by lying about it.

Loudermilk suggested that the contents of the final report from the J6 Select Committee indicated their true objective: to paint Donald Trump as responsible. He added that the report makes mention of Trump’s name 1,900 times and contrasted it with the term “pipe bomb” which only had 5 references. He suggested the juxtaposition of the counts made Democrat priorities undeniable to neutral observers.

Trump has accused former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) of destroying and concealing key evidence during the transition of power in 2022 between Republican and Democrat control of the House. He suggested Cheney “should go to jail” for the crime.

Ironically obstruction of an official proceeding is one of the charges applied to nearly all J6 defendants; the law was originally crafted with the Enron scandal in mind, outlawing destruction of evidence during a congressional investigation with heavy penalties. Many have argued that the application of the charge against unruly protesters is a wholly novel use of the stature; never before nor since have any protesters or rioters (including those who have disrupted proceedings at the Capitol) been charged with the offense.

The Supreme Court will hear a challenge brought by J6 defendant Joseph Fischer on the matter on April 16. The charge carries heavy penalties, with potentially up to 20 years in prison and was used to threaten defendants into taking plea deals.

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