Navarro Begins Jail Sentence

Businessman behind bars in prison concept for white collar crime

( – Peter Navarro, formerly President Donald Trump’s trade advisor, reported to a federal prison in Miami on Tuesday, March 19 for refusing to appear before the House Select Subcommittee investigating January 6. He was sentenced to four months behind bars on charges of “contempt of Congress.”

Before turning himself over to the authorities, Navarro lambasted Joe Biden’s Department of Justice for weaponizing the judicial system, threatening the rule of law. He said that the trial judge was unfair, and suggested that the charges against Trump have all been political in nature.

Navarro added that it was likely he would finish the sentence while appealing his conviction. He said that he was fearless regarding incarceration but was afraid “for my country,” as his incarceration suggests that the government could lock anyone up for anything on a whim and that will have a chilling impact on American political discourse.

Navarro is aiming to serve his term in a minimum security prison, and will likely work as a clerk or in some other administrative role while behind bars.

During his time with the Trump administration, Navarro was a staunch China-critic, who helped formulate Trump’s policies toward the communist state. He’s previously been affiliated with the Democrats running for mayor of San Diego in 1992 on an environmental platform. He was also a speaker at the Democratic National Convention in 1996, warming up the crowd for Bill Clinton.

Prior to that, he spent two decades as a professor with the University of California working at the Irvine campus. That was when he began to warn about potential threats from communist China.

Navarro had argued that his case raised novel questions about the extent of executive privilege and had attempted to pause prison time while his appeals were still ongoing, in an appeal to the Supreme Court. The judges did not side with him.

Steve Bannon was in a similar bind. Bannon is another Trump aide and member of the alternative media who also refused to appear before the J6 committee due to its partisan nature. Bannon was allowed to remain free while his appeal is in process, however.

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