Oklahoma Teen Sentenced in Gang Initiation Murder

(TotalConservative.com) – A tiny-teenage-terror with a history of violence and sociopathic behavior was sentenced to 50 years behind bars, though there’s a possibility his sentence will be reduced if he can convince a judge that he’s remorseful in five years.

Noah Ney, 16, stands at just 4’9” tall and has been described as “baby-faced” but his criminal history for such a young man is shockingly long and riddled with violence.

Ney was sentenced for firing at an occupied residence in Tulsa, OK as part of a gang initiation ritual. His bullet struck a five-year-old girl who was playing inside the home at the time, nearly killing her. Assistant Tulsa County District Attorney Morgan Medders said that Ney could have struck any number of people inside the home at the time.

Ney escaped from a juvenile detention center where he was being held awaiting sentencing. He stands accused of assaulting staff, smearing excrement on the walls, and flooding his room. Police caught up with him after he was on the lam for three days when locals identified him and called in a tip.

Medders said that she had a file “thicker than a dictionary” listing various criminal activities and attempted treatments for Ney. In addition, Ney’s parents both have criminal histories with his father serving multiple stints in jail.

His mother indicated in court that the boy had abused people and animals, a classic sign of psychopathy, or absence of a conscience.

Neighbors complained about being harassed and threatened by Ney, sometimes using knives or guns. Many said they were thankful he was finally being locked up.

He pleaded guilty to 12 charges related to gang activity, weapons, drugs, and battery. A judicial review is scheduled for 2028 when he may be able to have his sentence reduced if he can demonstrate remorse and the ability to be a productive member of society.

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