Outrage as Ex-SNL Writer Mocks Matthew Perry’s Death

(TotalConservative.com) – Ex-SNL writer and comedian Kevin Brennan is getting a lot of negative attention and free publicity for mocking the death of Matthew Perry. He doubled down on the remarks after TMZ covered them. The New York Post put out an article as well.

Brennan suggested he enjoyed the death of “junkies” on X (Twitter) and suggested dying in a hot tub was funny due to the lack of depth. Mass reports on X have gotten the posts nuked by X authorities at the time of writing.

Brennan, 63, is the host of the Misery Loves Company podcast. Seemingly enjoying the backlash, he asked on X if he was trending.

Multiple users condemned Brennan for callousness and a lack of understanding about addiction. He responded by mocking them and/or reposting their complaints with quips.

Saturday Night Live offered a tender-hearted farewell just hours after his death had been announced. At one point during the show, they show a black-and-white photo of Perry and his name.

Perry was found dead Saturday, October 28th, at his home in Pacific Palisades. His body was in the jacuzzi and someone called 9-1-1 and reported a cardiac arrest. No drugs were found and no criminal behavior is suspected at this time.

LA County medical authorities told the Post that the autopsy was performed and completed and toxicology tests were ordered, but due to the severe backlog and time it takes to perform those tests, results aren’t expected for months.

The cause of death at this time has been listed as deferred until those results come back.

Perry had a prior history of drug and alcohol abuse and was very forthright about his personal struggle with addiction in his memoir, “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing,” which came out last year. He’d been to rehab 15 times and had 14 surgeries to repair damage to his stomach caused by opioids and liquor.

It’s estimated he spent approximately $9 million getting sober. He claimed to have been drug and booze free since May 2021.

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