Soft on Crime Washington State Finally Sentences Repeat Offender

( – A jury in Washington State convicted a man from Tacoma of kidnapping and assault charges after he chained a woman to his truck in his garage for weeks. Henry Hauser, 56, will be sentenced on October 6th, and his status as a multiple repeat offender with a history of rape and assault charges against women may land him behind bars for the rest of his life.

The latest arrest happened after a homeless woman sought refuge with Hauser after he offered her the use of his garage as a temporary residence. The case highlights the additional dangers homeless people face as potential victims of violent crime.

The victim wrote in an affidavit provided to the court that they were hanging out for a bit in his garage discussing the situation when she became uncomfortable and tried to leave. At that point, Hauser grabbed the smaller woman by the arm and restrained her by chaining her to his truck.

She said that she was also drugged and violated which has caused problems with her memories of the events. She said he told her that this was “a fantasy” of his, and then would taunt her with threats of a slow gruesome murder. He would alternatively threaten to kill her and then change his mind saying he wanted to “keep” her. He repeatedly raped the woman while she was his captive until she was able to escape, in late November 2021.

He was arrested a few days later at a Walmart by Tacoma police. Hauser had used food stamps that belonged to the victim to make his purchases. Prior to his arrest, Hauser was already registered as a level 3 predator. He’d cut off an ankle monitor he was supposed to wear as a condition of his release.

Hauser was convicted in 2014 of kidnapping a teenage girl with a knife, forcing her to come home with him, and then drugging her with methamphetamine and assaulting her. That wasn’t the first time he’d kidnapped someone either, in 2007 he was hit with a kidnapping using a weapon charge and a felony-level harassment charge.

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