South African Parliament Member Threatens Jews

( – A South African politican’s speech is getting some attention from the media after it was covered by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). South African MP Ahmed Munzoor Shaik Emam suggested that handing over of the country “to the Zionists” would result in Cape Town becoming “a bloodbath.”

Emam also suggested that the opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, was justifying the ongoing war in Gaza. He called Israel’s siege a “massacre and genocide” in his comments. He added that South Africa’s ethics, values, and principles were not for sale and condemned a recent sale of land in the Western Cape to westerners during a debate on February 14.

Emam and many of other members of his party wore Palestinian keffiyehs to visibly express their support for the Palestinians. Cape Town is currently led by a majority Democratic Alliance government, the opposing party to Emam’s. The city’s populace has a significant Muslim minority along with a few extremists.

Antisemitic sentiments have cropped up all over the world in response to Israel’s retaliation and declaration of war against Hamas in the wake of the latter’s October 7 attack on outposts and civilians in southern Israel. Hamas killed roughly 1,200 innocent people and took over 250 hostages in the attacks.

Israel’s response has killed approximately 30,000 Palestinians with many of the dead left uncounted buried in rubble. There has been double as many injuries, or more, as only those seeking medical treatment get counted.

South Africa is currently leading a lawsuit against Israel in the International Court of Justice (ICJ). They’re accusing the Zionist state of engaging in genocide.

Ironically Emam is suggesting antisemitic violence could erupt in his country as a consequence of current policy proposals. It’s unclear what Emam was specifically criticizing due to the brevity of the clip and lack of context. Critics have suggested Emam’s rant was antisemitic in addition to being anti-Zionist and anti-Israel.

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