Stefanik Unimpressed by University Testimony on Antisemitism

( – New York Representative Elise Stefanik appearing on the “Faulker Focus” on December 6th said she was “shaken” after multiple presidents from Harvard, M.I.T., and Penn universities all failed to explicitly condemn calls for genocide against Jews on their campuses. She further suggested all three should be fired.

During a hearing earlier in the day, Stefanik and others were interviewing the university presidents regarding outbursts of antisemitism at their campuses concerning the Israeli-Hamas war. Specifically, pro-Palestinian protesters have engaged in rhetoric and behavior that targeted Jews with hateful sentiments.

A viral clip featured Stefanik tongue-lashing Harvard president Dr. Claudine Gay. Stefanik asked Gay if calling for genocide against African Americans was considered protected free speech at her university. Gay attempted to dodge the question as Stefanik pointed out that calls to “globalize the intifada” by students at her school were equivalent to calling for terrorist and mass murder targeting Jews.

Gay acknowledged that those sentiments were “at odds” with Harvard’s values, but refused to specifically acknowledge calls for genocide against any people are against Harvard’s student code of conduct. Gay’s office published a follow-up statement after her remarks went viral online where they specifically stated that any calls for violent behavior targeting Jews or any ethnicity “are vile” and “have no place at Harvard.”

Penn president Elizabeth Magill quibbled about the differences between speech and harassment when asked the same question. She said the call was “context-dependent.” When M.I.T. president Sally Kornbluth was asked she said no such calls were made on her campus, as far as she was aware. When pressed she said they would investigate any persistent or severe incidents as harassment, should they occur.

Even the White House joined the pile-on smashing the presidents with spokesman Andrew Bates adding on Wednesday that all “calls for genocide are monstrous” and the exact opposite of American’s values. He added that it was unbelievable that he had to say it out loud.

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