Survivor Outraged as Disney Recreates Terror Attack for TV

( – One of the victims of the 7/7 terrorist attacks in London from 2005 is speaking out about a new Disney TV show that depicts the bombings and aftermath.

Forty-three-year-old Daniel Biddle suffered the worst injuries in July 2005 when Islamic terrorists carried out a coordinated series of suicide bombings on London public transportation, targeting commuters during their morning rush hour commute. Biddle lost both of his legs in the bombings, as well as his spleen and one of his eyes. The attacks killed 52 people along with the four culprits who carried out the bombings.

Biddle recently spoke out against a new show by Disney that portrays the events of 7/7, calling the recreation “absolutely shameful” and slamming the entertainment company for not consulting any of the victims.

Biddle was commenting on a new series produced by Disney called “Suspect: The Shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes.” The series tells the tale of a Brazilian suspect in the attacks who was killed by mistake during the immediate aftermath. Disney stood by their production decisions and claims the show is “a factual dramatization” of what happened, and claims that “extensive in-depth research” for the series was conducted with “utmost sensitivity and respect.” They said all those involved were “conscious” of the responsibility behind “telling this story.”

The dramatization included bloody scenes at Tavistock Square in the aftermath of one of the bombings, including a replica of the double-decker bus that attacked on 7/7. Biddle claims key details and events were distorted and said it was “pretty sick” that Disney didn’t consult victims or family members of victims.

According to Biddle, facts were “twisted” in order to “suit” Disney’s “own narrative.” He noted that “people died in horrendous ways” and that their true stories were “blatantly disregarded” while creating the series.

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