VA Dem Loses State Race After Video Scandal

( – A nurse practitioner running for a spot in the Virginia House of Delegates lost following the release of a explicit tape of her and her husband engaging in intimate relations.

A few months ago, the Washington Post reported that Susanna Gibson and her husband engaged in a livestreaming session on Chaturbate, a pornography website, where they asked viewers to pay money in exchange for seeing them in bed together.

Gibson, who is also a mother to two children, slammed the news, saying that her opponents were willing to “commit a crime” by illegally invading her privacy and attacking her and her family in order to “silence women when they speak up.” She said that such tactics would not intimidate or silence her. She refused to withdraw from the elections, but has now conceded defeat.

Daniel Watkins, Gibson’s lawyer, said that the dissemination of the videos violates the revenge porn law in Virginia, as the videos were shared to others with “malicious” intent. Mail advertisements were sent to voters that contained screenshots from the video, along with warnings that the letters contained explicit images that were unsafe for children. The return address for the letters said “Paid for by the Republican Party of Virginia.”

Gibson, a Democrat, ran with a focus on reproductive and abortion rights, which took center stage in light of efforts by the state’s governor, Glenn Youngkin, a Republican, to prohibit women from getting abortions after their pregnancy hits 15 weeks. The only exceptions to the rule would be incidents of incest or rape, as wells as when carrying a baby to term poses a threat to the life of the mother.

David Owen, Republican, managed to secure the seat on the state’s House of Delegates, but only by a narrow margin. Virginia’s 57th House of Delegates district is known to be particularly competitive, with Republicans currently holding the majority.

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