Weekend Strikes Targeted 450 Precise Locations

(TotalConservative.com) – Israeli military personnel have announced 450 strikes in the last 24 hours as they dropped thousands of bombs targeting Hamas fighters, tunnels, weapons depots, and rocket launch sites in Gaza. A Reuters reporter in the area described it as some of the most intense bombing since Hamas’s surprise attack on Southern Israel on October 7th, killing 1,400 people and taking roughly 240 hostages with them back to Gaza.

Israeli military representatives said they captured a Hamas stronghold that acted as an observation post, training area and had access to the underground tunnel network. They killed many Hamas fighters in the siege.

Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said Israeli forces had surrounded Gaza City over the weekend. He further elaborated that they established a northern and southern Gaza along a strict line that is being enforced by the military. Residents will be allowed to move southward to escape the fighting. He called the corridor “one-way.”

Israeli military representatives further claimed they killed Jamal Mussa. Mussa was a high-ranking Hamas commander who had previously killed Israeli soldiers who patrolled Gaza in the 1990s. They said they also killed Hamas battalion commanders during the blitz.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said Israel will not consider a ceasefire until the hostages Hamas took on October 7th are unconditionally released. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken made a tour of Middle Eastern nations meeting with leaders and coordinating the U.S. response. Blinken made stops in Turkey and the West Bank.

Internet and phone services provider Paltel said that the attacks have severed internet and phone services in Gaza. Israeli representatives did not comment as to whether that was intentional. They have said they lost 31 soldiers in the fighting as their ground incursion into Gaza began on October 27th.

Israeli representatives also explained that they established a humanitarian corridor to allow people to escape the fighting in northern Gaza.

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