Biden Takes Unprecedented Jab at Axelrod

( – A new piece from Politico attempted to objectively explain how Biden could win 2024, pointing out that Joe Biden, as the oldest President in history, will have to adapt to succeed. Author Jonathan Martin argues that there is a wide gulf between what Democrats are saying publicly and privately. He also acknowledged that Joe Biden’s strategy of simply ignoring his poll numbers or questions about his age and competence isn’t doing him any favors.

Red State writer Nick Arama pointed out that Biden tends to get nasty when challenged covering the Politico report. Arama drew attention to the controversy from Biden’s previous campaign trail when he called a voter a liar and threatened to take him outside.

Earlier in the week former Obama political advisor David Axelrod suggested Biden should step down for the good of the nation betraying the rare occasion when common private sentiments break into the public sphere. White House chief of staff Ron Klain shot back that Axelrod was a regular critic of President Biden.

Axelrod made the comments while discussing a New York Times/Sienna College poll that showed Biden was polling behind Donald Trump in five swing states. Days later the White House published a memo suggesting that the poll was meaningless due to the time between now and the election and how previous polling predicted a “red wave” in 2022 which didn’t materialize at the ballot box.

Biden’s tendency to get irate when criticized won’t help him win in 2024. He’s also reportedly referred to David Axelrod as “a prick” according to Martin. Martin also said that using fundraisers to deny objective concerns like his age and poor polling might help him feel better but won’t help him win the election.

Arama said that the denialism and tendency to get angry were good for Republicans, as they were huge weaknesses in his campaign. He also pointed out that a consistent problem with the Biden administration was its inability to listen to legitimate criticism.

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