Comer Issues New Subpoenas in Classified Documents Probe

( – Republican Rep. James Comer of Kentucky, Chair of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, issued a subpoena on Monday to a former White House counsel related to the committee’s ongoing probe into how President Joe Biden handled classified documents while vice president during the Obama administration.

The subpoena was issued by Comer to Dana Remus, a former White House counsel, requesting that she sit for a deposition related to the ongoing investigation of Biden’s potential mishandling of sensitive government information. In 2022, boxes of classified documents were discovered at the president’s home in Delaware and his old Washington D.C. office. The subpoena also requests transcriptions of interviews with four employees of the White House: Anthony Bernal, Annie Tomasini, Ashley Williams, and Katharine Reilly.

According to Comer, Remus was aware of reasons why personnel from the White House began to frequently visit the Penn Biden Center in 2022, where some of the classified materials in question were found. Some of those documents discovered later had to do with Ukraine. The documents were discovered when officials were ordered to clear out the D.C. office in November 2022, but the finding was not announced publicly until January of the following year. Afterward, Robert Hur was appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland to serve as a special counsel overseeing the investigation.

Earlier this month, the White House confirmed that Biden took part in an interview with the special counsel related to the ongoing probe.

According to the subpoena, the Oversight Committee is trying to clarify the timeline of events which led to the decision by the White House to announce the discovery of the documents. One of the questions they seek to answer is why an employee at the Defense Department (also a former assistant to the president when he was vice president) was contacted by Remus regarding the classified materials.

The Committee is “specifically” looking for “clarification” about the events leading up to November 2, 2022, when the White House and Biden’s attorney claim the documents were found at the D.C. office. They also seek clarification on how the documents were secured after they were packed for transportation, as well as the president’s “history of potentially mishandling” such sensitive materials.

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