Former Prosecutor Found Guilty of Perjury

( – A former state’s attorney from Baltimore, Maryland, was convicted by a federal jury last week of perjury.

Last Thursday, a verdict was reached by the federal jury finding Marilyn Mosby, a former Maryland State Attorney from Baltimore City, guilty of perjury for falsely claiming she underwent financial hardship during the pandemic in 2020 so that she could withdraw funds from a Baltimore retirement fund.

US Attorney Erek L. Barron said in a statement that “the jury’s verdict” will be respected and that his office remains “steadfastly committed” to a “mission to hold the rule of law” and protect the country, “civil rights,” and “safeguard public property.”

Mosby could receive up to five years behind bars for each count perjury, meaning she may face up to a decade in prison. Overseeing the case is US District Judge Lydia Griggsby, who has yet to schedule a sentencing hearing for Mosby, who originally entered a plea of not guilty.

The charges against him allege that Mosby lied about undergoing financial hardship so that he could take out $90,000 from city retirement accounts. According to prosecutors, Mosby then spent that money on downpayments for two Florida vacation properties. In 2020 during the pandemic, she received her full salary of nearly $250,000, and yet claimed financial hardship this same year in order to withdraw the retirement money.

In February 2023, her trial was delayed after her entire defense team withdrew from the case in January. As she exited the courthouse last week in Greenbelt, Maryland, Mosby only had one comment following the verdict: “I’m blessed.”

In another pending case, she’s also facing two charges for allegedly creating false mortgage applications. That case is related to the two homes she purchased in Florida after withdrawing the retirement funds. No date is set for that trial yet, but she could receive 30 years in prison for each charge.

In July 2022, Mosby lost her re-election bid for State’s Attorney to Ivan Bates.

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