Gospel Singer Subject of Controversy After In-Flight Performance

(TotalConservative.com) – A gospel singer recently nominated for two Grammys clashed with a flight attendant on a Delta flight last week after she decided to conduct a singing performance on the plane.

Bobbi Storm, 36, is a vocalist from Detroit, Michigan, and gained national attention for singing on the album “The Maveick Way,” produced by Maverick City Music, and has been nominated for multiple Grammy awards in 2024. Storm took it upon herself to try and entertain passengers by having a performance during the flight and was subsequently told by a flight attendant to stop.

A viral video of the incident posted on social media by Storm herself showed her standing up on the plane in the aisle between the seats as a Delta flight attendant approached her and firmly asked Storm to return to her seat. The singer, while arguing with the attendant, sits back down.

She then announces “she just found out” that she’s “up for two Grammys” for the “very first time,” to which some passengers responded by clapping, and telling them she sings “for the Lord.”

The attendant then approaches her again and asks Storm if she’s “able to be quiet,” to which she says the other passengers are “enjoying it.” The attendant says he “isn’t enjoying it” and asks her again if she’s “able and willing to be quiet” and then warns Storm she will not be able to take this flight if she doesn’t follow his directions. She then appeals to the passengers and asks them, “What do you guys think?”

After dismissing the attendant, Storm says, “So, I’m singing on the low for y’all in the back,” and then proceeds to perform her song “We Can’t Forget Him.” The singer maintains that she broke no rules because the seatbelt sign was off. She also claims she’s performed on flights before and never had a problem.

Storm, who was almost thrown off the flight, claimed a few days later that Delta reached out to apologize.

The public had mixed reactions to the incident, with fans defending Storm’s actions and criticizing the flight attendant, and critics calling her behavior entitled and inconsiderate to staff and other passengers.

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