Pentagon Forces Army into Bizarre Training Exercise

( – The Pentagon is facing severe criticism, including allegations it violated federal law, after the details of a recent training exercise were leaked to the press. The details emerged after a group of U.S. Army Reserve lawyers and their staff (LODs) were involved in a virtual exercise which forced them to respond to a political scenario in violation of the Hatch Act.

The remote exercise was basically a meeting over Microsoft Teams and consisted of a roleplay-style scenario. Things took a rather shocking turn when toward the end of the meeting, a final last minute scenario was added onto the schedule. The scenario came down from unnamed and unidentified Pentagon officials who were also monitoring the meeting.

One of the individuals involved leaked the details to conservative outlet The Gateway Pundit and their reporting claimed that the scenario involved a drill wherein members of the Texas National Guard (after being nationalized by a fictional order from Biden) started opening fire on “a family” of illegals crossing the Rio Grande while yelling “America First!”

Army training is supposed to be apolitical, completely fictional, without the use of real politicians or countries. The anonymous source said that all those rules were broken by this scenario. The exercise also mentioned Gov. Greg Abbott (R) by name and implied he was evil while suggesting the Biden administration is heroic for its efforts to defend criminal border crossers.

The Hatch Act clearly outlaws political activities by federal workers white acting in their official capacity as such. They aren’t allowed to wear pins that endorse a candidate for office to work, for one example. Political activity is described as any behavior that would help or harm a particular party or campaign.

The current scenario violates the spirit and the letter of the law, suggesting Pentagon officials don’t know or don’t care that it exists. The inclusion of “America First,” as a specific reference to Donald Trump’s campaign is also illegal under the act.

The source also reported that of the five LODs involved in the exercise, one simply dropped out of the call and refused further participation.

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